Language Sea

by Strange Mountain



Originally released through Lillerne Tapes.

TINY MIX TAPES: There is a small snail in the grass next to you. You have no idea the snail is there, but its existence nonetheless is real, and the fact that it is there really doesn’t impede on your decision making skills, but if you noticed it, and really thought about it, a level of caution would reach a conclusion in your mind and you would tread more carefully around its petite frame. Recognition isn’t all that necessary for that form of life, though. In fact, being unrecognized is better for the snail. It is able to go about its business unharnessed as it slithers around on the cold ground. Its existence is one of self preservation. It seeks no appreciation. But, to view it — to see it from an outsider’s perspective — the undemanding, repetitive and singular beauty of its tasks and purpose can shed some insight into your own life and decision making. The honor in a simple life.

Kinds words from Lillerne: "I’m honored to have Jakarta’s Marcel Thee, aka Strange Mountain, return to Lillerne for a third amazing installment. After having released well over a dozen cassettes on approximately the same amount of cassette labels in the past four or five years, Thee has proven that his productivity is equally matched by the quality and beauty of each successive release. Language Sea defies typical ambient tropes by bringing the listener in close and keeping the “expansiveness” to a minimum. The melodies stream out in tape-affected, warbled streams, and there’s a distinct sense of humanity and reverence in each note and errant bit of tape fuzz. I like to imagine Thee’s music as being played in a dimly lit room—humming quietly from a small radio in the corner. In this kind of nostalgic and wonderfully intimate space, no two people would experience these songs in quite the same way. Another memorable listening experience from front to back, this is a small edition of 50 pro-dubbed Chrome/Type II cassettes with full-color, double sided artwork."


released September 30, 2016



all rights reserved


Strange Mountain Jakarta, Indonesia

Strange Mountain is Marcel Thee (Sajama Cut, Roman Catholic Skulls, The House of Faith and Mirrors, The Knife Club, and solo) from Jakarta, Indonesia

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