Shadow of the Metropolis

by Strange Mountain



LILLERNE TAPES - Shadow of the Metropolis is Marcel Thee's second cassette on Lillerne, and a major shift towards a higher fidelity and broader approach to ambient music. While Slow Midnight contained tranquil pieces of somber reflection in its warbled, tape-affected loops and atmospheric field recordings, this newer material is more up front with both its stark beauty and raw melodic power. Vast synth arrangements that expand and build, layer upon layer, until they slowly fade away into lingering memories and silence. The sound of your city streets at night. Edition of 50, home-dubbed cassettes.

TINY MIX TAPES - All of the woozy and warbled sounds of those old Strange Mountain releases have been lost under the gorgeous, hi(gher)-fi oppression of the Shadow of the Metropolis. Chicago’s finest Lillerne Tapes describes it as “the sound of your city streets at night,” but this isn’t like staring down at your feet as they drag through puddles, sending out waves of reflected neon lights from the signs of corner convenience stores and seedy bars. There’s a touch of hope here, I think. The skyscraper synth washes used are like the sensation of barely seeing the stars through all of the smog and light pollution. The steam rising from the (wo)manhole covers and cracks in the sidewalk dissipate by the second story of dimly-lit windows – smells like that part of the countryside where the downtown skyline finally dips below the horizon. You glance toward the past through the rear view mirror, blink, and slowly accelerate as you press on toward the eastern constellations disappearing into the heat of the sunrise.


released December 11, 2013

illustration by Deta "Kelelawar Malam"
Released on Lillerne Tapes. Please purchase tape at



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Strange Mountain Jakarta, Indonesia

Strange Mountain is Marcel Thee (Sajama Cut, Roman Catholic Skulls, The House of Faith and Mirrors, The Knife Club, and solo) from Jakarta, Indonesia

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