Levitation Mist

by Strange Mountain



From Illuminated Paths: "Hailing From Jakarta, Indonesia, ambient all-star Strange Mountain (Marcel Thee) is famous for reprocessing music through analog reel to reel tape. About as analog as it gets "

Ross Auger (rossauger.com) - The other day I was soaking in Strange Mountain’s Levitation Mist** on my way to work when the choice of instruments really hit me. Every time an artist sits down (or stands up for that matter…) to create, there is a choice of what medium to produce with. I really believe that this choice goes over looked. In example, Levitation Mist opens up with an organ warbling through field recordings. Had it been clean piano or a saxophone playing the same notes, I doubt the album’s compositions would be as captivating. If you remember, a few years ago scene kids (who described themselves as metal) covered pop songs with drop tuned guitars. As uninteresting as I may find the initial pop song, I still found them more palatable than a cover with different choices of instruments. In summary, keep in mind that artists could use any instrument, any paint brush, any lyric but the one they chose makes them the creditable artist they are. If you are unfamiliar with Strange Mountain, his music is of ambient drifts of delayed acoustic guitars and otherworldly keys. There is a sense that this music comes from a planet of lush overlooks into trees and soft rain. If you are looking for music to suck you into a creative zone and keep you there comfortably, I highly recommend digging in to his bandcamp.

Buy tape here illuminatedpaths.bandcamp.com/album/levitation-mist


released April 5, 2014

Written and Recorded by Marcel Thee
Mastered by Arbor
Cover illustration by Timothy Henry



all rights reserved


Strange Mountain Jakarta, Indonesia

Strange Mountain is Marcel Thee (Sajama Cut, Roman Catholic Skulls, The House of Faith and Mirrors, The Knife Club, and solo) from Jakarta, Indonesia

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